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Course Title Description Category Est. Min. Facilitator Guide Screen Reader
Grading For Learning This course introduces the grading philosophies developed by Ken O'Connor. Please email lkerr@esu3.org for the password. Instructional Practice 20
Strategies to Increase Student Engagement This module focuses on Sharon Bowman's 6 Learning Principles for instructional practice to address engagement, motivation, and achievement. Instructional Practice 20
Copy. Right? This module will guide teachers through scenarios that will help them learn and practice copyright compliance. Information Technology 20
Standard Response Protocol With cooperation from the I Love U Guys foundation this module explores a uniform approach to responding to incidents at school. New Teacher Training 15
Moodle for New Users 1-hour tutorial covering Moodle basics. (Can be completed in multiple attempts) New Teacher Training 60
What is a Common Assessment? How do Common Assessments strengthen teacher practice and increase student success? This module answers these questions and more! Instructional Practice 25
Models of Blended Learning This module will quickly introduce you to a few models of blended learning. Online/Blended Learning 10
Regional ELA 6-Traits + TDA Training Module designed to train teachers to score TDA responses at the local or district level. Workshop Follow Up 45
Dating Violence Prevention Module designed to inform educators about dating violence warning signs and strategies for intervention. Human Resources 20
Digital Citizenship for Students This module will take students on a journey with a newspaper reporter who needs to cite his sources in order to write his next story. Student Modules 20
Understanding Professional Learning Communities Module provides a basic overview and resources for conducting PLC work. Instructional Practice 20
What is Blended Learning This module explains the basics of blended learning and provides teachers with ideas on how to start blending their instruction. Online/Blended Learning 25
Mandatory Reporting for Educators This module covers the legal requirement for educators to report when they suspect child abuse or neglect. Human Resources 15
Anticipatory Set and Closure In this module teachers will be introduced to a lesson's anticipatory set and closure as well as given a chance to practice these in action. Instructional Practice 15
5 Point Objective This module explores the 5 points of a well written lesson objective. Users will also get a chance to practice objectives. Instructional Practice 20
Open Educational Resources This module explores open educational resources (OER) solutions, current research and how you can get started using OER. Instructional Practice 15
Assessment Quality This module leads learners through the best practices related to assessment quality in an engaging and interactive environment. Instructional Practice 20
Diversity This module assists teachers in understanding diversity in the classroom. Instructional Practice 45
Differentiation for All Students Go on an adventure to help 3 students who need content differentiated by Process, Product and Content. Instructional Practice 25
Teach to the Objective A follow up module to "5 Point Objective". How can a teacher to ensure your lessons are delivered in a way that demonstrates mastery? New Teacher Training 25
Co-Teaching Fundamentals This module provides foundational information for the practice of co-teaching. Instructional Practice 20
Nebraska Science Standards This module provides an overview of the Nebraska Science Standards Content Standards 15
Understanding Dyslexia This module will guide teachers to understanding Dyslexia symptoms, screening and next steps. Instructional Practice 20
Student Data Privacy This module provides districts with a background of COPPA, CIPA and FERPA. Also provides resources to get you started in your district. Human Resources 15
ACT Writing Rubric Training This module provides guidance on understanding the components of the ACT Writing rubric and best practice in how to use it for scoring. Instructional Practice 20
Unlocking the Power of Vocabulary This module leads learners through best practices for vocabulary instruction. Instructional Practice 20
MTSS Roles This module provides a brief overview of NeMTSS framework and information about roles and responsibilities for MTSS implementation. Instructional Practice 15
Vaping Awareness This module provides information about the dangers of vaping, triggers, and resources for quitting. Student Modules 45
MTSS - School Leadership Teams Module designed to provide an overview of how to build your SLT for Secondary MTSS. Instructional Practice 15
Middle School Vaping Awareness and Prevention This student module is designed to provide information about the dangers of vaping, prevention, and approaches to quitting. Student Modules 15
Digital Citizenship for K-12 Educators This module is designed to provide an overview of digital citizenship topics that teachers can use with students. Information Technology 20
Compliant and Quality Transition Plans This module reviews IDEA and transition requirements for IEPs through review of Indicator 13 questions. Instructional Practice 40
Maximizing Block Scheduling This module provides an overview of how to best navigate instruction while teaching in a block schedule. Instructional Practice 20
Title IX and Professional Boundaries(ESU 3) This module provides an overview of changes to the Title IX law and the responsibilities that school staff have for reporting. Human Resources 20
Summary of Performance for Secondary Transition This module provides a brief overview of the Summary of Performance, what should be included and resources to aid in completing it. Instructional Practice 15
2022 Nebraska CCR Math Standards Key Shifts This module provides and overview of the key instructional shifts that address the changes present in the 2022 Nebraska Math Standards. Instructional Practice 15
Vaping Awareness for Educators This module provides information for educators to recognize warning signs that a student may be engaged in vaping. Human Resources 15
Key Shifts 2021 Nebraska ELA Standards This module provides an overview and strategies to help educators and administrators in implementing 2021 ELA instructional shifts. Instructional Practice 15
Gretna DWA Scoring Training Scoring training module for Gretna Public School teachers to assess District Writing Assessments. Contact a GPS administrator for access. Instructional Practice 15
Dan Brahier Principles to Actions Follow up material including videos and resources for the Dan Brahier workshop hosted in Fall 2017 at ESU #3. Instructional Practice 20
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